Roman Blinds

A Roman blind can offer an elegance and richness similar to curtains or drapes and are ideal when curtains or drapes are not feasible. They are a wonderful option when you want the practical function of a blind, but the elegance of using a soft fabric as you would with drapery and curtains.
The curtain lab offers two different roman systems
  • A timber head rail cord lock
  • An aluminium chain controlled system

Roman Blinds Sydney - Best Supplier & Affordable Installation

Roman blinds are favoured by interior designers for their classic lines and beauty. They also serve the practical benefit of offering privacy and protection from the sun. We, at The Curtain Lab, offer quality block-out, light-filtering, and sunscreen fabrics in a world of colours, textures, and patterns to suit your interior style. We can help you design custom roman blinds sydney that extend your chosen style throughout the house.

Keeping it Casual with Roman Blinds

We design roman blinds sydney that are more detailed than roller blinds and gather softly as you open them. They are typically known for their understated style that is accentuated by the soft cottons and linens they are mostly made of. You may also have roman blinds combined with roller blinds and other blind styles, to create different warm, layered, and tailored looks. Our custom offerings include roman blinds in blockout or light-filtering fabrics with various batten applications. We have the expertise and experience in capturing and complementing any intended style. 

Some of the key features of our offerings include:

  • Perfect solution for a cosy and layered appearance
  • Customisation with chain control for larger blinds
  • Lightweight and ease of operation

We are the preferred choice for quality and affordable roman blinds sydney that look amazing in any setting. With a range of styles and designs that include Metro Shades, Palm Beach, and more in almost needless colours, you can choose blinds made to measure. Our commitment to quality, affordable prices, and a high standard of customer service have made us the first choice for roman blinds in the region.

Affordable Roman Blind Solutions

Our roman blinds sydney solutions allow you to add a softer feel to your home that can look as classic as you may want it to. If you are looking for the best and cheap Roman blinds, we are a trusted name where you will never have to compromise on quality.

Made from the best-quality sunscreen, translucent, and blockout fabrics, our cheap and custom roman blinds are sure to add the touch and feel of style that you need for your home. We ensure the efficient and affordable delivery of your blinds anywhere in Sydney.

Batten Roman Blinds

Our timber batten solutions bring texture and character to your roman blinds sydney. They feature slim strips of wood across the horizontal joins of the fabric. They give your blinds greater structure and contrast. We offer timbers in many different shades, giving you the options to match them with other timber elements in each room. All our Roman blind Installation solutions come with the option of cord or chain operation. We make it easy to create the perfect look for your home. 

Customised Roman Blends with Warranty

We provide warranties on all our roman blinds sydney products and services. Our experienced professionals can customise your blinds to specification when there are unusually shaped windows. Whatever your unique needs, our experts can assist you in creating the perfect solution. Some of the common criteria requirements that we face from our clients include:

  • Sun protection
  • Thermal properties
  • Low-allergen
  • Fire resistance

Once we understand your vision and ideas, we will provide recommendations to help you create the perfect impression. Once you have made the choice of fabric, we allow you to add accessories such as:

  • Braids
  • Contrasting bands
  • Trims
  • Soft-folding swag base

The accessories can be custom designed to match the interior décor. Our experienced and well-trained interior decorators will assist you through the process to transform your ideas into reality. 

If you need more information about our roman blinds sydney services, feel free to contact us today at 1300 034 818. You may also send us your queries from our Contact Us page and we will get back to you almost immediately.


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