Roller Blinds

These blinds are one of the most functional ways to manage heat and light in the home and will suit any space with their clean and minimal appearance.Our roller blinds are also able to be customised with choices of unique colour and fabric combination.

Single roller or Double view to gain privacy in the day and privacy at night.

Roller blinds can be measured in two ways; either to fit inside your window opening to provide a snug fit along the sides of the window and reduce the amount of light entering through, or they can be measured to hang over the front of the window to cover the opening.

The Curtain Lab custom-made Roller blinds are laser-measured and manufactured to the exact measurements of our customers’ windows; therefore, we manufacture any size ranging from 400mm to 3200mm wide and generally up to 4000mm in drop.

We have over 50 different fabric types and over 500 patterns and colours from some of Australia’s best-known manufacturers such as Shaw, Mermet & Wilson Fabrics   to suit all styles and tastes.

Blockout Roller Blinds

We offer a wide and exclusive range of custom-made blockout roller blinds from a variety of fabric manufacturers. Blockout blinds are a popular and effective window furnishing that offers maximum darkness in rooms where it’s needed most. Roller blinds are a practical and stylish alternative to curtains or shutters for your windows and work equally well in a home or an office setting. Not only can block-out blinds be used independently but they are commonly used in conjunction with sheer curtains on a single window to give a modern feel and provide the added benefit of saving space. Because blockouts are a very versatile window dressing, they are very often used in areas of the home where you are looking for maximum darkness or heat blockout from the sun; namely bedrooms, studies, lounge rooms, home offices and media rooms. It’s not difficult to see why people love them; blockout roller blinds are easy to install and require very little on-going maintenance when compared to blinds such as venetians. The Curtain Lab blockout roller blinds also include their durability, ease of cleaning and the simplicity of converting them from manual to automatic

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Translucent Blinds

Translucent blinds give you the best of both worlds letting you maintain your
privacy, while still allowing light into your room. Our custom-made translucent blinds reduce glare, let in light but do not allow anyone to see in from the outside. Areas such as home offices or studies, bathrooms and living rooms can benefit from translucent blinds where both privacy and natural light is required. These blinds are made from premium quality fabric that is thin enough to allow natural light to flow in and come in a variety of colours and fabric choices, both textured and patterned.

All of our translucent Curtain Lab blinds are custom made and we only use the
highest quality parts. Our installation and design experts work with you to give you the personal service you deserve and best outcome for your home. Our in-home design service is completely free; we help you choose the fabric, colour and type of blind that will best suit each room.

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Sunscreen Roller Blinds

The Curtain lab Sunscreen blinds are made from a premium see-through fabric that reduces glare and heat. They offer a low maintenance, functional and practical window dressing option. Our custom made sunscreen roller blinds are mostly used near balconies, alfresco areas or sliding doors, they are perfect for when you wish to savour a view but need to reduce the glare. You can see out of the blind during the day but sunscreen blinds do not offer 100% privacy at night, so it is best to pair these with a blockout blind or curtain if privacy is required during the evening.
All of our blinds are durable and easy to clean and come in a large variety of colours and fabric choices. We pride ourselves on our design and installation expertise and our team is always on hand to give the best advice on what types of blinds, fabrics and colours work best in any room within your home.

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Roller Blinds Sydney |Window Blinds Supply & Installation

Well-designed roller blinds sydney give your home a clean and beautiful appearance. We at The Curtain Lab assist you in getting much more than just the aesthetic benefits. We will design, supply and install roller blinds that also offer practical solutions for managing heat, light, and privacy. Since they do not take up much room, they are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens too.

Options for Roller Blinds

We provide you with the option to choose from a world of fabric colours and textures. It is recommended to choose fabrics that can withstand the strong sun and UV light typical to Australian conditions. Thus, your window blinds sydney installation will look good and operate well for a long time.

We also offer roller blind fabrics that match products from our other blind collections. This will allow you to choose window coverings that integrate flawlessly through your home. Thus, you will find all the right options with us, even when you want to have different window furnishing treatments for different rooms.

Roller Blinds & Convenience

In addition to their aesthetic versatility and the control they offer for your privacy, window blinds sydney are also preferred for their convenience. You can choose the simple traditional design that operates with a side chain or automated systems that use a wireless remote or a power switch. 

Some of the popular roller blind operating mechanisms that we offer include:

  • Spring Loaded: It involves holding the bottom rail and pulling down and is available with a scallop, cut-out, or plain trim.
  • Chain Drive: It uses a chain on either side and provides more control over the blind’s operation.
  • Spring Assist: It involves a spring assist system fixed to the chain drive system. It is suited for larger blinds where greater weight is involved.

Double Blinds

We also offer double roller blinds sydney that provide you with two different fabrics within the same window. This system allows you to combine a blockout and sunscreen in a single window. The result is better light control, good privacy after dusk, and a good view outside, all in a single system.

We can design and install custom window blinds sydney to suit your interior decor and your personal preferences. Our experienced professionals specialise in all types of roller blinds for your home. If you need more information about our products, feel free to call The Curtain Lab on 1300 034 818 or write to us using this Online Form.

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