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The Curtain Lab founders have been working in the textiles and wholesale industry for pretty much our entire working lives.

Throughout the many years of dedication working for the bigger companies we were perplexed by the lack of care, service and quality that was given to most customers.

Clients were not satisfied with the quality and after care of their products and were paying over the top for overseas goods, they were not heard

We understood there was a big problem in this industry and felt the responsibility to honour and serve our valued customers.


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Years of Industry Experience

And then The Curtain lab was born!

Our extensive years of work in the industry and expertise came together by making this very important process of selecting curtains & blinds for your home a stress free, streamline and very honest transparent procedure.
We care about the details and we are passionate to achieve our mission by providing outstanding high-quality service and products from consultation to installation.
  “Remember the days when quality meant something and service was a Given”

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